Tuesday 8 January 2013

CAD planning

Using some of the bikes that have inspired me I overlayed the stock xs650 frame drawing in AutoCAD.
I scaled the pictures by guessing their wheel sizes.
I really like lines of hard tailed triumphs however it now appears that the xs frame is much taller and will be difficult to replicate.

I am concerned about the rear 18 being out of proportion if I run a 21 front.
I think it looks good however the 23" front wheel looks more balanced.
My issue with the 23" front is that I cant run a traditional Avon speedmaster.
Below is a 23" tire on the Harley chrome wheel.

I think the Bratsyle xs650 above is also running a 23 which I don't mind.

  I like xs650 with very little stretch in the rear.  
The girder forks make the bike a little longer.

This is the frame a drew up tracing a .jpg of technical drawings from xs650.com.
It looks right and will do for now but will need to be checked to make sure its perfect. 


  1. How much demand is there for Cad/Cam Software testing professionals, especially in Tamil Nadu?

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    1. I honestly have no idea. I predominately work with AutoCAD and Revit for architectural type works as that is my profession. In regards to work like the above I do as a hobby only to figure out problems and form solutions.