Thursday 15 November 2012


Yes exciting times for 1 lucky person the bike is now for sale!
I don't have to room to display it and it can only hop from gallery to gallery for so long until it is tucked away under a dusty blanket in my garage.

Follow the link here...

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Greetings from a fellow bike blogger from across the Ditch in NZ. Saw your fantastic CT 110 on MotArt and just wanted to congratulate you on a fine piece of engineering. I'm in the early stages of planning to buy a CT110 and heavily modify it for a 1600 km (1000 miles)in 24 hours attempt. I've done it 5 times on bigger bikes but thought doing it on a small bike would add to the challenge. However, I think that trying it on yours would kill me :-).

    Best wishes and congrats again,